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Posve?eni smo kvalitetu

Jer dok god VI pri?ate a MI slu?amo , de?ava?e se dobre stvari.

Kako je po?ela na?a pri?a

Our story begins in Serbia when, in 2018, after many years of experience in the world of fashion, we saw that we could offer our customers ba? what they want, that we can create something that will not only be special in terms of design, but and for an excellent price-quality ratio. After a year of designing and modeling, finding the best quality materials, carefully selected colors as well as the very anatomy of the model, we? the first pair came out of our production facility in Italy in 2019.

Od tada pa sve do danas, svakog dana trudimo se da budemo ?to bolji u tome da Va?u pozitivnu energiju, potrebe i ?elje, na najbolji mogu?i na?in unesemo u svaki na? proizvod.

Visoko kvalitetni materijali

We only use environmentally friendly materials for model making. All of our footwear is produced in Italy according to the latest standards in footwear production. Natural leather is carefully chosen and selected in order to satisfy the quality of even the most demanding customers. The legs are anatomically designed to provide comfort and convenience, even after standing or walking for a long time.

Before final packaging each on? the model is thoroughly checked by hand to meet all quality standards.

Najnovije tehnologije u procesu proizvodnje

U na?em proizvodnom pogonu u Italiji gde nastaje  PORRADA LUPO obu?a, uvek se trudimo da budemo u toku sa najnovijim tehnologijama u procesu proizvodnje obu?e.

Ru?na obrada

Pro?ivanjem obu?e pove?avamo njenu dugotrajnost i izdr?ljivost.

Pratimo modne trendove

Konstantno radimo na dizajnu novih modela i pronala?enja novih nijansi Va?ih omiljenih boja.

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